Are you itching for a relaxing massage after going through a long, tiring day? Perhaps you’re in desperate need of a sensual massage to take your mind off things. 

Whether you’re looking for a private massage, sensual massage or tantric massage in Singapore, there are plenty of options available so you won’t have trouble looking for one! 

We understand it can be extremely troublesome trying to find out what are the best options available. Fret not – we have rounded up some of the best 10 massages which include sensual massage in Singapore too! 

10 Best Massages in Singapore 


1) Top Tantric Massage

Source: Top Tantric Massage

Offering only outcall massage services, Top Tantric Massage is the place to go for authentic Swedish massages, lingam massages, tantric massages, prostate massages, and many more. 

Experience a tranquil environment with essential oil scents lingering in the atmosphere. Rest assured, you’ll be relaxed and at peace while receiving the utmost sensual pleasure to remove any negative energy within you. 

After every session, you’ll feel relieved and perhaps even an increase in your sexual drive. 

Location: Outcall massage service only 

Price: Starting from $200

Website: Top Tantric Massage

Contact: +65 9896 6009


2) Lollipop Massage


The ultimate experience for all masculine men – Lollipop Massage provides a sensational experience by offering mindblowing therapeutic massages that’ll leave you coming back for more. 

Whether it is a full-on body massage, lingam massage, tantric massage or erotic massage, you’ll be left feeling ultimately satisfied with the outcome. 

Location: Outcall massage service only 

Website: Lollipop Massage

Contact: +65 8168 4777


3) Chakra Massage Singapore


Looking for the best sensual massage in Singapore? Look no further than Chakra Massage, offering authentic traditional massages that enhance your soul. 

Not to mention, even if you’re all the way stuck in the airport, they cater to you too! Besides, Chakra Massage is known to provide instant relief for sore bodies and stressed minds. 

Location: Outcall massage service only 

Website: Chakra Massage Singapore

Contact: +65 8425 6095


4) Massage On The Go


An all-in-one massage service that delivers everything you need to your doorstep! From regular massages such as hand reflexology, foot reflexology to Swedish massage. 

There’s no need to go through the hassle of getting in the car to head over for these massages where you can have them right at the comfort of your home. 

Location: Doorstep massage service

Website: Massage On The Go

Contact: +65 9455 3511


5) Healthland Traditional Thai Massage


Founded in 2001, Healthland is where you’ll receive a traditional Thai massage that is truly authentic. With professional therapists who are skilled enough to apply just the right pressure throughout your body, you’ll feel your muscles immediately relaxed. 

After a stressful and tiring day, a good Thai massage would put your mind to ease. 

Location: 252A South Bridge Road, Singapore 058801

Website: Healthland Traditional Thai Massage

Contact: +65 6221 3376 | +65 9339 8629

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday, 10am – 10.30pm


6) The Imperial Massage & Spa


A truly unforgettable experience is what you’ll be left with once you indulge in their massage services! Unwind in a holistic atmosphere and feel the positive energy radiating through your body after a good, relaxing massage. 

Try out their Royal Hot Stone Therapy which is one of the popular massages that lowers your stress levels. Once you get a hold of your body troubles, your libido could increase too since you’ll be less stressed! 

Location: 184 Bukit Timah Road, Singapore 229854

Website: The Imperial Massage & Spa

Contact: +65 6635 7979

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday, 10am – 4am


7) M2 Massage 


Commonly referred to as Singapore’s best on-call massage service centre, M2 Massage consists of highly trained therapists that know their way to soothe your body and soul. 

No matter when or where you need them, they’ll appear at your doorsteps and cater to your needs, leaving you satisfied from head to toe. Some of the popular massages include sports massage, deep tissue massage, Swedish massage and Thai massage. 

Location: Outcall massage service only 

Website: M2 Massage

Contact: +65 8752 0086


8) SG Soulmassage 

Source: Soul Massage

Refresh, unwind and relax with the help of expert therapists ready to serve you wherever you are. Don’t worry about getting your expectations met because they even perform classic oil massages that are deemed to be extremely therapeutic. 

At Soul Massage, you’ll find a wide range of skilled masseuses who could perform Thai or Balinese massages. 

Location: Outcall massage service only 

Website: SG Soulmassage

Contact: +65 8695 3378


9) NU Massage Singapore

From solo massages to couple massages, NU Massage Singapore is where you should head to next for a remarkable sensual massage experience. Your needs will be met as the professional therapists will make sure you have a good time. 

Even if you have your own preferred way of sensual massage, they would be able to cater to your specific requirements. Yes, that means they also offer customized sensual massages if that’s what you prefer! 

Be sure to try out their erotic massage, also known as a tourist highlight! The therapists would take you on an erotic journey that’ll leave your toes tingling. They not only focus on your pleasure but also awaken your mind to give you a new perspective of life, literally. 

Be it prostate massage, yoni massage, tantra massage or other sensual massages Singapore, you’ll be on your way to improving your sexual drive while being pampered to the core. 

Location: 545 Orchard Road Singapore, 238882, Singapore

Website: NU Massage Singapore

Contact: +65 9867 6792

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday, 24/7


10) Chakra Tantra Outcall Massage

If it’s your first time getting introduced to Tantric massage in Singapore, it’s basically a stance of trance where everything else disappears and you’ll be immediately touched in a sexual way. 

When you get out of the trance, you’ll be more than ready to face the never-ending challenges in life because of how energized and relaxed it makes you feel. 

At Chakra Tantra Outcall Massage, they specifically specialise in Chakra Tantra massage, so you know that this is probably the best place to receive a good Chakra Tantra massage!

The best part is that they take pride in putting their client’s privacy at the top of their priority list. So if you prefer to keep it on a down low, your secret is kept safe. 

Despite having affordable prices, they only accept payment in cash after the deed is done. Hence, you should get ready some cash before your next sensual massage session. 

Additionally, they also accept international currencies aside from Singapore dollars, which is great news for all you foreigners! 

Location: Outcall massage service only

Website: Chakra Tantra Outcall Massage

Contact: +65 81097810

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