Sugarbook is where wealthy men/women (also termed as sugar daddies/mommies) who don’t have time to date can create meaningful connections with the sugar baby(ies) of their dreams. This type of relationship is called sugar dating, and what’s unique about it is that the sugar parent provides an allowance to their sugar baby in return for their companionship. 

We interviewed a few sugar babies making big bucks on Sugarbook to learn more about this interesting concept. We’ll also be sharing tips for making money on the platform, so if you’re a beginner or want to know more, read on!

sugar baby tips making money

Any advice on getting started on Sugarbook?

Sugar Baby: My advice on starting your journey is to take time when creating your profile, as you want it to be attractive to increase your chances of getting a sugar daddy’s attention. Another thing that I would advise at this stage is to think about what you want from the relationship because once you find a match, you’ll have to state your Terms of Relationship (TOR). Doing this can protect yourself and set the stage for a smooth relationship.” 


How is Sugarbook different from the other sugar dating platforms?

Sugar Baby: “Believe it or not – I’ve only been using Sugarbook since day 1 of my sugaring journey! Sugarbook has worked well for me from the start, as it’s safe, there’s not many scammers and along the way, they kept introducing new features, so there were always ways for me to earn and meet new sugar daddies.” 


Can you briefly tell us about the Sugarbook features and how you earn money from them?

Sugar Baby: “Sure thing! First, there’s the usual dating feature, which is pretty straightforward as it’s similar to what you find in traditional dating platforms. With this, you can browse for sugar daddies and set the type of arrangement you’re interested in. 

Secondly, Sugarbook introduced a Livestreaming feature last year. As someone who loves to be on screen, I jumped at the opportunity! This feature helped to boost my income as I could stream to many sugar daddies from all over the world at once rather than talking to them one at a time. While I’m livestreaming, sugar daddies who are tuning in can send me diamonds and gifts, which I can cash out! On top of that, you can also get paid a salary if you meet a monthly target; plus, there are luxury prizes to be won from LIVE Contests that happen every so often.

Sugarbook introduced a Livestreaming feature

You need to get creative if you choose to Livestream since it revolves around content creation. But don’t worry, as you can get tons of ideas online! To build a following, you’ll also need to be consistent in going live, and that’s where the money will start rolling in. 

Thirdly, Sugarbook has a private room feature where you can have personal, 1-on-1 chats with your sugar daddy via video call. It is exclusive, and I earn diamonds for every minute spent chatting, which I can cash out! For days when I don’t feel like livestreaming to many people, I take advantage of this feature. I love how little effort it takes; you just need to talk to one sugar daddy at a time. Oh, and you can also win luxury prizes from regular contests!

So you see, with so many features I can take advantage of on Sugarbook to help me earn, there’s no need for me to try out other platforms. For example, I’m currently seeing 2 sugar daddies who give me a monthly allowance amounting up to $3,000. But that’s not all because I also get other perks – they bring me on their travels and take me to expensive dinners! Then, I livestream and meet some daddies via private room video calls, which boosts my earnings even more!”


Can you tell us how much you are currently earning? 

sugar baby holding money

Sugar Baby:
Of course! It’s not always the same since some months are better than most, but generally, it’s around $5,000 or more. $5,000 is my usual goal that I want to hit every month, and it’s possible with my current schedule. On a good month where I’m hard working enough to go live on more days or chat with more daddies via private rooms, I can make up to $7,000!”


Thanks for being so open with us! Is there any advice you would like to share with sugar babies?

Sugar Baby: “One piece of advice I wish I knew sooner is that being a sugar baby = being a businesswoman. You are your own boss, so you are the one who determines what you want to earn and how you want to make it. There’s no formula for success in sugar dating, but you can go far by being true to yourself and your wants and needs. 

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Personally, I had my eye on the prize from the beginning, which was to build my income. I’m thankful I didn’t need to go through all the sugar dating platforms since Sugarbook has always provided me with what I need to succeed.” 

So, if you’re thinking of becoming a sugar baby, don’t dwell on it further – give it a shot with Sugarbook today! Over 1,000 sugar babies have found their perfect match, so what are you waiting for?

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