Life during lockdown has transformed all of us, in more ways than one. The way we consume media especially has been thrown into a mix. Gone are the days of television— it’s all about live streaming now, baby! 

Many have chosen to cut the cord of cable television and explore the endless horizons that the wild world of live streaming has to offer. Even more so now when we are constrained to the four walls of our living spaces, there isn’t much else to do other than resort to a screen for some form of content.

What Made Live Streaming Popular During The Pandemic?

The beauty of live streaming is that it’s multi-faceted unlike the limiting factors that held traditional media back. Most importantly, it is 100% user oriented, which means there’s an authenticity that comes with this content that cannot be replicated anywhere else. 


Real People in Real-Time 

During a time where something as simple as human contact becomes a thing that we are deprived of, the appeal of watching an event unfold in real-time is unmistakable. We want to see people like you and I— not necessarily the glamourous Hollywood stars that take up our screens so often. It’s a little pleasure you get from seeing a normal guy who happens to have the same interests as you come online and talk to you about them.


Easy, Breezy, and Affordable Too 

Unlike the complex factors of cable TV, where scheduling and guides were necessary in order to not miss out on your favourite shows— live streaming is constantly available for you, 24/7. While cable TV (and even online streaming services such as Netflix, Youtube Premium, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and many more) also came with a hefty monthly price tag, live streaming is absolutely free of charge as long as you have an internet connection. 


Content Curated Specifically For You

Live streaming opened up the doors to many people like never before. The beautiful thing about the Internet is that it has the ability to connect people from all over the world. Your interests may not be a norm in your circle of friends or even your country, but through live streaming, you will be able to find a community of people who share similar feelings with you. You may even find live streamers who readily make content for you— all for free! This is a very important factor as it brings us to our next point…


Access To Professionals For Free

Cable TV limited us with pay-per-view when it came to watching professionals— typically in a sports setting— for live events. Be it football, pool, or wrestling; there was always an extra charge or special channel that needed to be added on into your pre-existing package if you wanted to watch it. Live streaming kicks that idea to the curb, as E-Sports professionals just have to turn on their camera to show you what goes on behind the scenes of a match. It also gives you a chance to watch what really happens without the filtering of television. 


What Is There To Gain From Live Streaming? 

Live streaming sounds like a consumer’s dream come true— but what is it like on the other side of the coin? You must be curious about what it takes to be a live streamer, and why is it that they so readily adapting into this new lifestyle during this pandemic. 


A New Way To Earn A Living

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced billions of people to rethink how to live their lives, which includes work. Live streaming turns you into an influencer, as you now have access to so many viewers who readily rely on your content. This opens up marketing opportunities— so sponsorship deals, promotions, and many more avenues are opening up for you to make some moolah. 


Accessibility To Millions

At some point in life, we’ve all dreamt of being a Hollywood star— except we all aren’t from the United States of America, extremely talented, or have amazing agents who can land us breakthrough roles. What we do have though, is a good internet connection and our smartphones. By utilising these and figuring out your niche, you could potentially be on the road to becoming a hot, new, famous live streamer. Which also brings us to our final point… 


A Potential New Career Path 

By live streaming from the comfort of your own home, the traditional idea of a 9-to-5 office job is officially dead. Unlike the gradual rise of working your way up the corporate ladder, live streaming holds a whole different appeal. It’s a new, living, breathing environment— one that is constantly changing and moving, unpredictable and full of promise. When you hit it big as a live streamer, you are opening up more doors than you can imagine in comparison to being promoted from junior executive to senior executive. 


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