Congratulations, you’ve landed the perfect sugar daddy! Your head is in the clouds, daydreaming about the luxurious lifestyle that awaits you. Whether it’s your first arrangement, or you’re a seasoned sugar baby, there are some universal mistakes that can potentially crash and burn your sugar baby bliss. To maintain a successful sugar relationship, be sure to take note of these Sugar Dating Don’ts!

The No Show

DON’T make a habit of flaking on dates. If you must cancel, be polite and give your sugar daddy at least 24 hours’ notice. If you’ve made grander plans, such as a weekend trip or vacation, give him sufficient time to cancel or change your travel plans. Sugar daddies value their time and money. Too many cancellations can give the impression that you are not serious about the relationship. If your schedules are really clashing, try tweaking the terms of your arrangement and evaluate your level of commitment.*

Resist the urge to overspend

DON’T overspend! Let’s say, for instance, your sugar daddy provides you with a credit card and asks that you limit your spending to $1,500 per month. While it is tempting to swipe until your fingers fall off, you must resist the urge to overspend. Your sugar daddy may forgive the occasional overage, but repeatedly racking up debt over your given limit is just disrespectful. I once grossly exceeded my credit card limit and my sugar daddy threatened to report the card stolen. Unless you’re willing to trade in your Givenchy for a jail jumpsuit, just don’t do it.**

Cut away the Vices

DON’T indulge in drugs and alcohol. Sugar daddies have worked hard for their money and don’t appreciate watching it disappear up your nose. If you don’t already dabble in drugs, this shouldn’t be too much of a problem. However, if you have a soft spot for substances, an influx of cash can be very dangerous. I once saw a fellow sugar baby abandoned on a trip to Greece for partying too hard with the locals.***

Be sincere

DON’T juggle multiple sugar relationships. It may seem like a good play to snag as many sugar daddies as you can to maximize your gains. This is a mistake! There is the potential that you will stretch yourself too thin and be unable to fulfill your end of the arrangements (see number 1). Depending on the commitment level of your relationship, a sugar daddy may be seriously offended to learn that he is not the only one revelling in your affection.*

Discretion is Key to Sugar Relationships

DON’T sacrifice discretion at any time. Discretion is the key to sugar relationships. This means refraining from posting on social media- one Instagram post or a single Snap could cause irreparable damage. It also means that your sugar daddy may not be available to you 24/7. If your sugar daddy says don’t text after midnight, don’t text after midnight! I have seen an overly emotional sugar baby cost her sugar daddy his job by showing up at his workplace when he didn’t answer her calls!***

*Minor offense

**You’re pushing it