If you’ve ever had to ask yourself “Am I falling in love?” then chances are you probably are. 

There are so many of us who might not be sure if we’re falling in love. Perhaps we’re confusing love with boredom and looking for some sort of companionship?

Sometimes, we don’t plan to fall in love but these emotions come naturally and out of the blue when you least expect it, even when you’re not ready for a relationship 🤷

“Am I falling in love with someone who’s not my type?” 

We hate to break it to you – but truthfully, love is a feeling that we can’t control most of the time. So if you catch yourself falling madly in love with someone who isn’t your ideal type, don’t doubt it. 

Even if you’ve just gotten out of a relationship where you swore you’ll never love again (we know we’ve done this almost after every heartbreak 😔), falling in love with a new person is inevitable. 

When you’ve been out of the game for quite some time or if you’re completely new to this whole dating thing, here are the top 11 signs you’re in love with your new beau.

1. They become your #1 priority

Ditching your hang out sesh with your friends, bailing on family events or activities….. Does this all sound like you? Well my friend, you’re in it deeeeep

Making them your #1 priority is a sign you are falling in love for sure. Like c’mon, if you’re not in love – you wouldn’t cancel all your plans just to make time and go out with your new lover. 

Nothing else matters when you’re in love. Literally nothing, except for them. 

Yes, even when your best friend just fell into the water. You wouldn’t bother saving them! You’ll be too busy drowning in your immense new found love instead 💑


2. You consider them Mr or Mrs Perfect

What are flaws? We don’t know them! 

When you’re falling in love, you will find every flaw and quirky things about them adorable or cute. Bad sides don’t exist ❌

Doesn’t matter if they’re just picking their nose or chewing really loudly – it wouldn’t matter to you because they’re perfect in your eyes. Sounds familiar? Yeah well, it’s a sign you are madly in love.

Whatever they’re doing, even if it’s disgusting or gross – you would still look at them admirably like they’re the best thing on earth. 

Wearing the same t-shirt three days in a row? You’ll still find them super attractive and ready to jump their bones. After all, they’re the definition of perfect, right? 🤭

Plus, when something they’ve said doesn’t make sense at all, you’ll still be giggling away because that, ladies and gentleman, is a sign you are falling in love.


3. You don’t even remember you had an ex! 

Remember the times when you created a fake Insta profile simply because you wanted to stalk your ex? 

If you’re wondering to yourself, “am I falling in love?”, after finding out you haven’t logged into the fake Insta account, you’re probably madly in love with your new partner. 

Because really, if you’re head over heels with a new person, the last thing you would think of is your ex. That part of your life is over, done and dusted. 

Say goodbye 👋 to your past life and welcome your new beau with open arms 👐


4. You want to do literally everything with them

That new movie is coming up but instead of inviting your family or friends, you’ll ask them if they’re up for it. 

Everything you do with them will seem much better than without their presence, even activities that are as boring as fishing 🎣 (sorry to all those who find fishing fun!).

Hate a particular hobby but they love it? Well, expect yourself to start loving them because you’d want to spend time with them even if it means you’ll have to suck it up and do something you really hate. 


5. You crave for their touch and attention all the time 

A clear sign you are madly in love is when you’d be willing to drop your pants and get physical with them within seconds – no hesitation, anywhere and everywhere. 

Our hormones are up high above the clouds when we’re in love. You just can’t help but want to feel and touch them 24/7. 

Whether you’re craving for some cuddles, sex, holding hands – as long as you’re physical with them, you’ll be content and satisfied 🥰


6. They’re the first person you think about when there’s stories to tell

Got promoted recently? Won a lottery? If they’re the first person you’ll contact after hearing good (or bad) news, it’s a sign you are madly in love 😍

The thing is, what makes you fall in love with someone is when you’re wanting to share almost everything that’s going on in your life with them. 

They wouldn’t miss out a single thing that’s happening in your life because you’ll be sending updates 24/7. 


7. Hello in-laws! 

Wanting to be more involved or being curious about your future MIL or FIL is a definite sign you are falling in love. 

If you don’t see a future with them, their family won’t even cross your mind. Meeting their family will not be part of your plan. 

When you’re looking for a one-night stand or friends with benefits, you wouldn’t want to allow yourself to fall in love, let alone meeting their parents. 

So when you find yourself wanting to meet your future in-laws, there’s no doubt you’re madly in love with them 👪


8. No one else is more attractive than your new beau 

We all have that one friend who’s always checking out hot chicks or daddy-material handsome men. Heck, it may even be you!  

But when someone who looks like Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie passes by and you’re not fazed by them at all, it’s a sign you’re in love. 

If someone were to ask you who would win an award for being the most attractive human being on earth – without a question, it’s got to be your new lover.


9. You put their needs above your own 

If you’re starving your head off but your new eye candy wants to watch a movie, you’d obviously choose the latter. 

Putting their needs and wants before your own is one of the falling in love signs that are pretty much obvious. 

Their satisfaction comes first, even if that includes them getting whatever they want (such as getting their happy endings first before yours, if you get the hint.) 

10. Their name is the only thing that comes out from your mouth 

“____ did this the other day.” “____ also likes to eat at this restaurant.” “You know, ____ loves to visit this place too!” 

Legit, you could be talking about anything with your friends or family, but you’ll always bring up their names in between conversations which annoys the heck out of them. 

Of course, they should understand. After all, what makes you fall in love with someone is when you’re always talking about them in physical, real life conversations and your social media. 

If you find yourself always talking about them with your peers, then it’s a definite sign you’re in love!


11. You see a future with them

Do you find yourself planning for your dream wedding 👰 or how many kids you’ll have with them 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦? 

This is another major sign you’re in love – when you’re already planning about your future with them in it. Any future plan you have in your head, they’re part of it too. 


Now that you’ve understood the top falling in love signs and what makes you fall in love with someone, you might want to start looking for someone to fall in love with (if you haven’t already yet!). 

But if you’re single and ready to fall in love with someone new, there’s no harm in meeting new people. Whether you’re trying to get over an ex (we don’t judge!) or you’ve been craving for some love and attention, Sugarbook is where you’ll be able to go on fun dates and possibly fall in love with someone. 

Who knows, you could even meet the love of your life, simply by using an online dating app 😏