Although not many people really understand it or know how it works, the concept of sugar babies has become increasingly popular over the years.

Thanks to social media and the fact that plenty of sugar babies are coming out to share their experiences, as well as the proliferation of sugar baby/sugar daddy websites, the social stigma surrounding sugar babies is declining. 

Coupled with rising costs of living and a need for straightforward, fuss-free relationships, sugar dating is here to stay. 


What exactly is a sugar baby?

To put it plainly, a sugar baby is someone who enters into a relationship with a wealthier, often older partner who offers them financial benefits in exchange for companionship or other types of relationships. 

Sugar partners enter into an “arrangement” where all the details of the relationship are spelled out beforehand to manage each other’s expectations before going in. 

Thinking of being part of the sugar bowl, or you’re just curious about the sugar baby lifestyle? Read on to find out more, including the eight things you need to know about being a sugar baby. 


Who can be a sugar baby?

Anyone can be a sugar baby. But since being a sugar baby can invite all sorts of unwanted judgments and gossip from others, it requires a special kind of woman (or man) to pull off this lifestyle. 

In a nutshell, sugar babies are strong, independent people who know what they want in life and aren’t afraid of doing what it takes to get there. 

Solid determination and boundaries, an ability to effectively communicate your needs, trusting your own intuition, and having the will to walk away from any situation that doesn’t feel right or safe are useful traits for becoming a sugar baby.

Even if you do not possess these traits from the start, you may be able to learn and develop them through your sugar experiences. 

In fact, these traits aren’t just necessary for being a sugar baby, but they’re important life skills to have!

Next, let’s look at the 8 things you need to know about being a sugar baby.


1. You are not a prostitute

Although there is an economic component to a sugar baby arrangement, it does not constitute prostitution. It’s a common misconception that sugar babies get paid to have sexual encounters. 

But like traditional couples, sugar partners spend time together and enjoy each other’s company. Depending on the nature of the arrangement and the comfort levels of both sugar partners, this companionship could also be of a sexual nature. Nevertheless, it’s not always the case.  


2. It’s not just for women

Sugar babies can be of any gender; it’s just that the majority of them have always been female. But there are also male sugar babies, known as sugar boys, and even non-binary individuals who participate in this type of relationship.

So really, a sugar baby can be anyone who is looking for an honest relationship.


3. Sugar babies set their own boundaries

Just because a sugar baby is receiving financial benefits from their partner does not mean they have to agree to everything they propose. Sugar babies have the right to voice out and set their own boundaries – you are in the position to tell your sugar partner what you are willing or not willing to do. 

Don’t worry if a sugar daddy/mommy doesn’t end up going through with the arrangement because of something that you don’t want to do. There’s plenty of sugar to go around so simply move on to your next candidate.


4. There are risks involved

Any type of relationship comes with risks, and sugar baby relationships are no exception. And like any dating platform, there are always scammers lurking on sugar dating platforms. 

Always remember to be careful and trust your gut. Always protect yourself physically, emotionally, and mentally. 


5. Communication is key

In any relationship, communication is important, but it’s especially important in a sugar baby relationship. This is also what sets sugar relationships apart from traditional ones, as both partners are forced to communicate on important aspects of the relationship with each other from the get-go. 

This aspect is often missed out in conventional relationships, which sets the stage for insecurities and unwanted drama down the line. Both partners need to be clear about what they expect from each other and what their boundaries are.


6. It’s not a long-term solution

Sugar baby relationships are usually short-term and don’t necessarily lead to anything more. Although long term sugar relationships do exist, the majority of them are short term. 

So if you’re considering becoming a sugar baby, it’s important to remember that this is not a long-term solution to your financial problems.


7. It’s not for everyone

Sugar baby relationships are not for everyone, and there’s no shame in not wanting to participate in this lifestyle. It’s important to think carefully about whether this is something you want to do and what your motivations are.

If you are really considering becoming a sugar baby, spend some time getting to know yourself and ask questions like why you want to be a sugar baby in the first place and whether or not you have what it takes to face any negativity or unsolicited judgements.


8. It’s not a guarantee

Just because you become a sugar baby doesn’t mean you’ll automatically receive financial benefits. You don’t get money in your account just by signing up!

As with all relationships, you still need to put in the effort and work to look for a partner and establish a relationship. Once you have something going, then this is where the talk of allowance will usually occur. 


Being a sugar baby on Sugarbook

Sugarbook is a reliable platform for sugar babies because you’ll get to connect with tons of established, wealthy sugar daddies/mommies on a verified platform.

The app itself is so easy to use, and it even has a live streaming feature where you can interact with potential sugar partners. They’ll also be able to send you gifts!


Setting up a safe sugar baby arrangement

To make sure that you are making safe arrangements, here are some tips:

  • Always communicate through the sugar dating platform 
  • Use a different name or an alias on your profile
  • Avoid sharing too many personal information
  • Arrange a video call before meeting up
  • Don’t do anything that makes you uncomfortable
  • Let someone know if you are going on a sugar date and if it’s the first date, be sure to meet in a public place with lots of people
  • Don’t think of it as merely an arrangement; really try to get to know your sugar partner, and everything will come naturally


The sugar baby life is an attractive way to receive financial benefits while still having freedom and flexibility to live your life. 

Unlike a traditional wage-paying job, the commitment is low, but the returns are big.

While it may not be for everyone, there’s no harm in dipping your finger in the sugar bowl to find out if being a sugar baby is for you. 

Just remember our tips above and always set your own boundaries, speak up when you feel uncomfortable, and more importantly, prioritize and protect yourself.