7 Days 7 Dates 7 Outfits

For Sugar Babies, the rush of meeting someone is also complicated by the need to effectively market yourself to a potential Sugar partner. It makes regular dating look like getting dressed to go grocery shopping. You’re trying to show off who you are, display your value, and yet retain a sense of not being too invested in what the other person thinks. Nerve wracking! And…if the meeting turns out to be with a Splenda type, you want to make sure you look good enough to go meet someone else. Why waste an outfit?

Since there’s not just one type of date or one type of Sugar Baby, you have to map out your wardrobe ahead of time. Pretend you have 7 dates, one for every day. That’s a lot! So you totally need to style your outfits ahead of time in order to keep everything straight. So whether it’s coffee, or lunch, dinner or a day at the museum, styling yourself ahead of time will keep you on fashion track .

1. Coffee Date


Keep it sleek and simple. If you’re meeting in a cafe, most of the time you’re dealing with cramped space, and brushing up against other people. Don’t get crazy and try to be too high fashion. Instead, let simple, classic pieces speak volumes for you without any words. Stick to classics with a twist, with a hint of whimsy and try to work in the color red- it’s a proven winner.

2. Lunch:


Lunch dates are business casual, with a hint of flirt. Daytime is a great time to test sweet trends, like off the shoulder, but if you end up somewhere that frowns on bare shoulders, bring a cool denim jacket. One piece of good jewellery should show that you have taste without looking flashy.

3. Casual Drinks:


Meeting for drinks? It’s ok to be a little glitzy. You can’t really go wrong with black and gold, Add a touch more jewellery, and let the gleam speak for you. Most bars are somewhat dim, and the gleam keeps you from fading into the woodwork like black would.You can always bring a sharply tailored jacket to make it more businesslike.

4. Dinner:


A universal catchphrase in marketing is ‘Keep it simple’. I sleek black dress, pearls, simple clutch and plain black pumps. Except, when you go to dinner you have to walk to the table and all eyes will be on you. A statement necklace like the one attached to this dress will help make an indelible impression. Sleek hair, eyes front, chin up, perfection.

5. Le Club


So, he thinks he can dance and you’d better be able to! This is that ‘C’mon Barbie, let’s go party’ moment and you don’t want to look like some timid wallflower. This is the bar outfit turned up about 1,000 notches because if you’re going out clubbing, there will be competition everywhere, you can’t blend into the crowd. Shorts have an advantage over miniskirts because if you do get crazy on the dance floor, you probably won’t have a wardrobe malfunction. A bold lip in a long wearing formula and waterproof eyeliner , and a foot numbing spray are your best friends tonight, too.

6. A Day at the Museum:


Museum dates are super popular, but don’t bother dressing up. Whatever you wear will be competing with priceless antiquities, not to mention modern masterpieces. Dress down and bring your knowledge of art and your willingness to listen. Most museums are walker friendly, so a smart pair of lace up oxfords is your best bet. Fun accessories express your artsy nature and give you talking pints, too.

7. Brunch:


A meal too sweet for red… Indulge in sweet florals or prints, because it goes with french toast and mimosas. Pick a colour in the print and play it up with makeup and accessories. Pastels are pacifying, anyway. They put people in a good mood, including you, the one who has to get up and look cute early on a Sunday. Make sure you have cab money, so you don’t fall off your heels from champagne cocktails.