In the complex world of dating and relationships, the term sugar has been widely misconstrued – which is why we feel that it is our duty to share with you the sweet truth about sugaring. To answer all of your burning questions, we have created The Essential Sugar Dating Guidelines where you can find anything and everything you need to know about the sugar lifestyle.



Sugar dating is not a new concept. It is often referred to as an arrangement between two individuals who seek to establish an honest relationship which is set based on their preferred terms. To put it simply, it is a quid pro quo relationship where both parties bring value to the table that they can both benefit from.

In a typical sugar relationship, the involving parties usually consist of a wealthy, accomplished older gentleman also known as sugar daddies, lavishly offers an assortment of gifts or allowance in an exchange for companionship from a younger, attractive individual, most commonly known as sugar babies.



Generally, a sugar daddy is responsible for providing both tangible and intangible support, which includes paying bills in general, funding college tuition, providing lavish gifts and most importantly, providing mentorship. Most sugar daddies are successful, experienced, and well-connected businessmen who can help boost the businesses or careers of sugar babies. This, will in turn enhance all aspects of the sugar babies’ lives.

As for sugar babies, their role is more than just being an arm candy. In general, sugar daddies turn to sugar babies to take their mind off work. Which is why it is important for a sugar baby to strike an engaging and interesting conversation, which is not something that everyone can successfully achieve within a short period of time. It requires hard work and intelligence to become and attention-grabbing and witty sugar baby.



The main difference that sets these two apart – SEX. Unlike prostitution, sex is NOT ALWAYS on the table when you enter into a sugar relationship (sugar babies are not obligated to have sex).

A sugar relationship is an arrangement where both parties have the opportunity to communicate honestly and openly regarding their needs, desires and expectations.

The concept of prostitution is engaging in sexual activities for monetary payment, without establishing a deeper, meaningful connection. On the contrary, being a sugar baby is about forming an emotional bond between two people. Just like any other relationship, it is based on integrity where both people are treated with respect.



One of the main advantages of being in a sugar relationship, as oppose to a conventional relationship is that both parties are encouraged to be open about their needs, intentions and expectations – efficiency is key as neither wants to waste time.

To make it easier for both parties to know exactly what to expect, the agreement needs to be as specific and detailed as possible. Some of the things worth considering include:

Availability – how often should you both meet up? Is there a specific time of day and duration?

Venue Setting – where should you both meet? Is there any place that will make either of you feel more comfortable or uncomfortable?

Activities – are there any specific activities for a typical date that both parties enjoy doing?

Allowance – how much cash is to be expected weekly/monthly? How will it be given; Paypal, cheque or cash?

Deal Breaker – is there anything that either party will not tolerate in terms of personality, appearance, specific arrangements, etc.?



This takes a lot of planning from both sides as sugar babies need to know what is considered as practical allowance to ask from sugar daddies. Geographic location should also be taken into consideration as the rents, general expenses and the cost of living may differ based on location.

Sugar daddies must be financially reliable in order to acquire sugar babies and maintain this type of relationship. After all, this is a lifestyle choice and it may not be suitable for everyone.



There are many types of arrangement for a sugar relationship, which is why it is paramount for both parties to understand the parameters of the agreement. Some will specify arrangements that are purely platonic.

Be sure to openly discuss matters related to intimacy as this should not be taken lightly. Without establishing a sense of mutual trust from both parties, this type of relationship may not be able to flourish and progress. Remember that consent is key, and you are not obligated to do anything you do not feel comfortable with.



A sugar relationship is very much like any other conventional relationship where a real connection between real people is required. Like any other personal relationship, the level of commitment and attention required is paramount in ensuring the contentment of both the sugar daddy and the sugar baby.

There are many places where you can meet your potential sugar partners – such as upscale bars and restaurants. However, for those looking for a more convenient and hassle-free way, the internet is a great place to start, especially now that online dating is becoming a norm.

So what are you waiting for, get clicking and find your sugar.