Scammer Alert!

Dear Valued Members,

Sugarbook is not only a dating platform. It is a community where like-minded consenting adults build and negotiate their Terms of Relationships.

It has come to our attention that user Prince behaved in a fraudulent manner by being dishonest and deceitful to our members in a number of cases.


The account has been permanently banned.

We urge all our members to be vigilant while sugar dating and to please contact us should you come across the same person again. You may utilize the “Report” button or contact us via [email protected]

As Sugarbook grows past the 200,000 members mark, we look forward to cooperating with all our members by eradicating the scammers and to strengthen our sugar community.

Thank you.



Customer Relations Director

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    john lee


    there is a syndicate in the sugarbook using this website to scam guys
    in one day alone i caught two..
    they will do identity theft of pretty girls in instagram and then the first warning sign is they will ask u to send money first. here are 2 examples

    1. sweetlulu (ID in thesugarbook) real person

    2. sugarbabyhere (ID in sugarbook) real person

    there must be some sort of background check in place

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    sweetlulu has been banned haha

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    Be careful of this Elyana, take my money and never fulfill her obligation.
    Ask me for 2500 ringgit to buy second hand macbook but never gave me back the time.
    Her monthly allowance was supposed to pay for her PTPTN loan and help her startup called TIDFIT but she use my money to lavish on her ang moh boyfriends.

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    Her real name is Fatin Diyanah , scammer !!!!

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    for past few days, i met more than 5 scammers, Don’t be desperate and never paid them any upfront money else they will run away or block you after receive the money. This website attract many syndicates to cheat people, please be careful!!!

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    Miu Na


    Wish you guys have a real sugar baby experience! 🙁

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