In the minds of most people, the main goal of a sugar baby is to improve her financial standing. Whether it is through cash contributions, expensive gifts, or trips around the world- money and status is the perceived motivation. While these things are definitely staples of a typical sugar relationship, it is important to understand that there are potential benefits to sugar dating that extend far beyond cash and gifts.

Beyond The Generous Gifts, Money and Sex

First things first, I have to point out that most sugar relationships are temporary. Sugar daters will likely have more than one relationship in their lifetime, and chances are high that none of them will last forever. The whole idea of sugar dating is to establish a relationship with benefits that meets the needs of both parties at that time. What I’m saying is, there is life after sugar! If you recognize and accept this, you can use your sugar relationship to your advantage in several ways.

Make Connections

Networking is a critical building block of any successful career. Sugar daddies are often very well-versed in this skill, and have connections that would otherwise be out of your reach. If your post-sugar dating plan is to launch a career, invest in yourself now. Don’t think that you’re asking too much of him or assume that he won’t be interested in helping you. In my experience, sugar daddies are more than happy to mentor and offer advice to an ambitious, goal-oriented sugar baby.

Go Beyond The Cold Hard Cash

Not only can sugar daddies help us move up in the professional world, they also make great confidantes and teachers in our personal lives. The sugar relationship will provide you with as much as you’re willing to get out of it. If you can put money to the back of your mind, you will find it easy and comfortable to swap secrets and learn from one another. I can attribute the confidence that I have today to my time in the sugar bowl. A sugar daddy who takes a genuine interest in your ideas, dreams, and feelings can truly change your life.

Always Have A Backup Plan

There are some other important things to consider while you’re enjoying the perks of your arrangement. As I said, these relationships are temporary and can end abruptly. Before you enter any sugar relationship, you should have a “plan B.” If you are employed or attending school, it may be tempting to quit and live the sugar baby lifestyle full-time. It seems like a great idea in theory, but in reality, you’re setting yourself up for disaster. I once cut back on my hours at work on the notion that my allowance would enable me to go shopping and hang out at the beach worry-free. One month later, my sugar daddy not only stopped calling and texting; he blocked my number. I found myself scraping and struggling for weeks with no explanation.

Less Spending, More Saving

Personally, I believe that all sugar babies should consider saving money. The concept seems simple enough, but trust me when I say that the temptation to spend is difficult to resist.

There have been many times that I’ve had honest intentions of using my allowance to pay bills and then suddenly five pairs of shoes appeared.

If saving money is absolutely impossible, then at least try to allocate some of your funds to debts or things that will benefit you later on. Take a class or make an investment. Remember to think about the future and plan for it.

We can’t be sugar babies forever, right?