2020 was wild. You probably haven’t Netflix and chilled so hard in your lives!

With a pandemic still raging outside, and with possibilities of yet another Circuit Breaker looming over our heads, a ‘normal’ 2021 is unfortunately looking less and less hopeful. 

Thank god for Netflix!

But have you ever experienced these moments when you just don’t know what to pick on Netflix?

In theory, Netflix (Singapore) always keeps viewers satiated by always updating and expanding their impressive movie repertoire. 

But still, this scenario always happens, especially when you have a date over for some Netflix and Chill. (And after bragging about being the master of Netflix and Chilling but you can’t even get the Netflix part right??) Embarrassing.

And there’s no bigger buzzkill than having to sieve through a ton of movies, descriptions, and trailers only to find nothing to watch (or having to admit you’ve watched them all). Talk about an anti-climax!

In times like these, we find that a little preparation (and a fair bit of digging) is key. 

Fear not! You don’t even have to lift a finger this time because we’ve got you covered.

We did the groundwork, and we’re happy to share our list of Netflix Singapore movies that are perfect for date nights in.

We got the movie ideas, you set up the date and bring the snacks (and booze)! 

Best Netflix (Singapore) movies for the perfect date night

1. Always Be My Maybe

Ali Wong and Randall Park come together in this film that is not only guaranteed to pull on your heartstrings, but also tickle your funny bones (over and over again). 

Two BFFs from high school who lost their virginities to each other in the back seat of a car reconnect after a long time. 

The quirky love story unfolds just as you would expect, with a mix of painful-but-funny awkwardness while two people rekindle their love for each other.

Oh, did we mention Keanu Reeves makes a cameo?


2. Stardust

One of those movies that will fully immerse you and keep you hooked from start to finish, just what you need to unwind for those exceptionally long days.

There’s romance, magic, adventure, falling stars, space pirates, and ghosts! It’s the perfect movie to just turn the lights off, curl up with someone, and get lost in the whimsical adventure together. 


3. Ibiza

Can’t fly to Ibiza? Then let Ibiza come to you! Or shall we say BEEFA as Harper (Gillian Jacobs) says it.

Sometimes, it pays to say ‘f*** everything’ and follow the man of your dreams (whom you just met) to Ibiza! If you miss partying with your besties, DJs, and booze, this Netflix movie will give you a front-row seat experience with an injection of sass and hilarity.


4. Crimson Peak

Crimson Peak features a lot of ghosts, but it isn’t a ghost story. It’s a movie filled with mystery, that will capture you with eccentric camera moves and trickery, and an immersive atmosphere filled with vivid colours and texture.

While some critics argue that the storyline lacks depth, the excellent cinematography has the ability to ingrain some scenes into the mind that will last for some time. 


5. Malcolm and Marie

John David Washington as Malcolm, and the magnificent Queen Zendaya as Marie. Need we say more?

Set in a contemporary black and white film, both brilliant performers put on an electrifying, intimate show as screenplay writer and budding actress.


6. The Irishman

Looking for an action-packed, riveting date night movie idea that will keep you on your toes for a whole 3.5 hours? 

Yes, 3.5 hours of just you, your date, plus several big time mobsters going about their enthralling lives, with an underlying drama that follows the lonely life of a crook. 

Gripping, epic, and just plain bad-ass!


7. Gerald’s Game

Gerald’s Game is one of those thriller movies that doesn’t take much to give you a stellar performance. 

The movie surrounds pretty much just two actors, husband Gerald (Bruce Greenwood) and wife Jessie (Carla Gugino). Like most married couples, they decide to rent a secluded cabin for some unadulterated fun in the bedroom to shake up their marriage. 

Jessie is handcuffed to the bed. Without warning, Gerald dies. Jessie (still handcuffed) screams, cries, and struggles to escape or for someone to come and save her. 

This movie will definitely give you something to talk about for DAYS.


8. The Truman Show

If you enjoy movies that leave your mind (and heart) blown by the end of it, this is one of the Netflix movies that will do that to you. 

The movie begins ordinarily, depicting a regular day in the life of insurance salesman Truman Burbank, played by award-winning actor Jim Carrey. Except, he realises that something isn’t quite right about the town he’s living in. 

It’s going to get emotional, so get ready for some serious cuddling. (You’re both going to need it)


9. Roma

Another movie that might require some tissues and hand holding, Roma is a work of art. 

From filmmaker Alfonso Cuaron whose film Gravity won an Oscar. The movie continues to push boundaries as he reaches into his soul for this raw, real, and heart-wrenching drama. 

The film may be in black and white, but the vibrant stories told makes it come to life despite the unfascinating colours. 


10. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

Did anyone else have a weird crush on Michael Cera or is it just us?

This movie is another one where you won’t get tired of watching again and again. It has all the recipes of a cult classic – Comic book style animations, an exceptional cast, great humour, amazing storyline, and video games. (And Michael Cera!!)


11. Enola Holmes

This movie is the Sherlock Holmes continuation we didn’t know we needed, but now we can’t live without it!

First off, the casting for Enola Holmes is superb. That is, superbly good looking! The delightful Millie Bobby Brown aptly plays the role of the spunky Enola Holmes. Meanwhile, Henry Caville and Sam Claflin play her brothers Sherlock and Mycroft Holmes. 

Follow Enola on her very own crusade as she uses her impressive skills in search of her missing mother played by the elegant Helena Bonham Carter!


12. Velvet Buzzsaw

The art industry is facing two major problems, greed and commerce. In an attempt to shed light on the issue, director Dan Gilroy brings us a horror-satire where art pieces are supposedly getting rid of those who only seek to profit from them. 

Jake Gyllenhal plays a snobbish art connoisseur. Few deaths later, he took it upon himself to find out the mystery. How many deaths will have to happen before he solves the enigma? Find out!


13. Rango

Rango is an Oscar-winning animation from the filmmaker who brought us the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy, Gore Verbinski.

A pet chameleon (Rango) mistakenly gets lost and comes across a Western town with other talking animals that have seen better days. Disguising himself as a tough guy to protect himself, the townspeople want him to become their new sheriff. 

Not giving Rango much of a choice, what follows is a string of hilarious events enfolding through stunning cinematography. 


14. Nightcrawler

Yes, we’re bringing you two Jake Gyllenhal dark-horror films into this list. Trust us, they’re worth a watch! 

Jake Gyllenhal delivers (yet another) oscar-winning performance as a freelance photographer who goes to extreme and even macabre lengths to photograph grotesque crime scenes in search of the next ‘big breaking news’.

This movie is not for the faint-hearted. It is, however, very thought-provoking, and definitely a conversation starter. 


15. When Harry met Sally

You’ve probably come across a few references from this movie from time to time, simply because it’s one of the best classics when it comes to romantic comedy, ask any true rom-com fan!

A film glowing with forbidden appeal, seductiveness, and a faked orgasm, this movie was ahead of its time. 

Plus, how your date reacts to the orgasm scene might give you some insights into their bedroom behaviours 😉

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Go ahead and bookmark this list for the next time you plan to have a Netflix movie marathon.

Maybe even ask your date to pick a movie out of this list like a lower-stakes version of Russian roulette. 

We don’t want you catching anything other than feelings. 

So to stay safe throughout this pandemic, we suggest trying out apps like Netflix Party so that we can all remain safe at home while working towards curbing the spread of the disease. 

Don’t have a date? Have you heard of Sugarbook?

It’s the dating app that may just be the answer to your weekend plans indoors. (Or shall we say under the sheets?) 

Whatever your indoor itinerary, our assortment of these best Netflix movies in Singapore, from reliable classics to new flicks, and everything in between will keep you company for hours. 

Then, when it’s safe to take it outside, we have some ideas for you too!

Stay safe!