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Parties, one of the most socially acceptable places to mingle, flirt, lay down some pick-up lines, maybe even some dance moves, and hope to pick up a few girls (or at least land a few digits) along the way.

Hooking up at a party is totally possible, it doesn’t just happen on TV. 

How can you make picking up girls happen at a party, you ask? It’s a lot easier than you think!

Whenever it has something to do with attraction, it involves a sequence of behaviours that anyone can learn. 

There aren’t many differences between picking up girls at a party and picking up girls in other social situations, except for a few minor differences that you should be aware of if you want to score.

Got a party coming up and you’re determined to no longer be the friend who goes home empty-handed? Here are our tips to pick up girls at a party!


Tips to pick up girls 

1. Go to the right parties

Not every party you get invited to is going to be like the movie Project X

And certainly, not every party is the suitable atmosphere for picking up girls. 

Therefore, step 1 in ensuring success – pick the right parties to pick up the right girls.


2. Take your time

We get it, the combination of booze, music and good looking girls sure is motivating, but you don’t want to make your entire night about practising pick-up lines for every girl on the lot.

This approach is frequently a hit or miss, and soon, and you may find yourself failing miserably just as the party is in full swing. 

You will probably be labelled as “the guy who keeps hitting on everyone” and begin running out of people to talk to.

Because let’s not forget, a party setting is much more intimate, and someone is bound to notice.

Especially if the other party-goers consist of your friends or acquaintances, this label might hurt your rapport and it could even be your last invitation!


3. Match their energy

One easy way to seem calm and composed is to match the energy of whoever you are talking to. 

Pay attention to energy levels by taking note of how fast the other person is talking, their volume, and their enthusiasm.

Don’t fake enthusiasm though, as you might come off sounding insincere. 

Find an energy level that you feel comfortable with instead, your energy levels don’t have to match precisely. 


4. Don’t just talk to girls

Basically, just do what you’re supposed to do at a party, mingle and have a grand old time – with everyone!

Think of it from the perspective of women. They hardly go to parties to pick up men, they’re just there to have fun, and if they happen to meet someone they really like, phase II commences!

Try not to look at the party as a mission and instead get to know everyone to avoid coming off as a ‘player’.

If you don’t score at this party, at least you’ll get an invite to the next! 

By then, you’d have laid down all the groundwork, everyone knows you’re a fun person to be around.

And who knows? Maybe the girl you’ve been wanting to make your moves on makes the first move at the next party?


5. Present yourself with confidence

When it comes to approaching girls at parties, confidence is everything.

Girls will be less interested in talking to you if you lack confidence and begin to feel like an outsider. 

We understand it’s not easy to muster up the courage to talk to someone you like!

But when all else fails, take a few deep breaths, and just fake it till you make it!

Smile, keep your head high, and go in with a “Hi, how’s your evening/day going?”

This simple line can have a big impact, because:

– it shows you care about whether she’s having a good time

– you’re establishing a commonality (the party) even though you don’t know much about each other (yet)

– you get a few more seconds to think about your next move while she answers your question! Which shouldn’t be difficult, just wait for her reply and take it from there.


6. Don’t be afraid to walk away

Not abruptly, because that’s just rude and also a little weird if you just disappear mid-conversation. 

We’re saying don’t just stick to one person at the party the whole night unless you want to give off stalker vibes to the person you’re tailing and possibly everyone in the room will notice too. 

At the end of the day, it’s a party so just enjoy it! 

Work the room, take your time, talk to everyone, and circle back to the person you’ve had your eyes on every now and then.


7. Booze helps, but don’t overdo it!

Alcohol does help to loosen the nerves, giving you that liquid courage. 

But, getting shitfaced drunk isn’t a good colour on anyone. 

It would also mean you’ll be slurring and spitting on everyone, seeing the carpet or couch more than anyone at the party. 

A general rule is to have enough alcohol to bring out your chirpy self, but not enough to let it sabotage your game!

8. Make her smile

When you find someone you’re attracted to, your goal is to make her smile.

You’ll definitely be more memorable and receive bonus points for injecting humour and making people laugh!

Don’t just stick to making the same ‘Yo Mama’ jokes, it can get really repetitive, really lame, real quick. 

Also, don’t focus your humour only on the person you’ve set your eyes on. 

Be humorous with everyone in the room, but it will have a better effect if you did it in earshot of your special lady. 

9. Get a wingman

Actually, scratch that, get a wing woman!

With someone you know by your side, it can really boost your game and confidence up a few notches. 

Plus, it seems less forward and more natural when you walk up to a girl or a group of girls with another person. 

If that person is your lady friend, even better! 

Being friends with someone from the opposite sex can instantly give you street cred.

10. Ask if she wants to get a drink

If you’re thinking – but it’s a party, she can get her own drink! 

You’re not thinking outside of the box!

Getting a drink together implies that you want to spend some time alone with her, and it’ll definitely help get her away from all your competition who’s been chatting her up all night. 

It can also help you assess if she’s interested in you from the way she responds. 

Maybe you’ve even saved her from a dull conversation! 

Being her hero will surely build trust and establish a rapport.

11. Show your interest

If you want the night to be a success, no matter how daunting it may be, you have to establish your interest at some point in the night. 

Obviously, don’t confess your love immediately upfront. 

Intertwine sincere compliments with cheeky, flirty banter to make it au naturel.

Signal your interest in baby steps throughout the night in more of a ‘I’d like to get to know you more’ sort of way rather than the ‘I think you’re really hot’ kind of way. 

12. Spend some one-on-one time

The party is in full swing. 

You’ve socialised with everyone, won a few rounds of beer pong, and had enough liquid courage to spend some one on one time with the girl who’s caught your attention since the moment she walked in all sparkly in her sequin dress. 

She laughed when you called her a sexy disco ball, and she also seems to be flirting back. 

The next moment you notice she’s alone, ask if she’d like to go somewhere quiet where you can get to know each other even better. 

13. Dance your way in

First, you had to be funny and now there’s dancing involved too?

With Chainsmokers blazing in the background, saying “Hi, I’m Chad.” repetitively is only going to make things awkward. 

All that’s left to do is to dance your way in, and get to know each other after! 

This will surely break the ice, and melt any tension away.

14. Eye contact

Another way to show your interest in someone is through the eyes. 

When you find yourself in a group with a lady you’ve been eyeing, show her you’re interested by giving her more eye contact than everyone else. 

For god’s sake, don’t do it like Dwight Shrute from The Office and keep it smooth.

15. Learn to handle rejection

Fellas, don’t be discouraged if the brunette you’ve set your eyes on all night seems to be all over Dinesh with the sports car. 

Don’t let it ruin your night! At least now you’re certain that she’s a no-go, and you can set your sights on someone else.

It’s also okay if you aren’t interested in anyone else. Hey, you’re at a party, go enjoy yourself!

Picking up girls at a party requires some leg work, but that’s where the fun’s at! 

It’s a bonus and a total power move if you get to walk out the doors with a lady on your arm. 

Practice our 15 tips above and we can guarantee you’ll be casanova at your next social event!

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