Having children is one of the most beautiful things in life. However, an unexpected pregnancy when you’re not really into producing an offspring? Mmm… not so much.  

Before you jump to conclusions, we’re all about freedom of choice here. Whether you choose to have children or not is really up to you! 

But if you’d prefer not to and would like to know what are the available options for birth control in Singapore, you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, let’s go back to school and learn more about the birth control methods you can find in Singapore. 

What is Contraception?

The last thing anyone would want is to end up with an unplanned pregnancy! 😨

We’re all adults here, getting pregnant unexpectedly isn’t something new. How to prevent this from happening? Contraception, ladies and gentlemen.  

Contraception comes in various forms such as a medication or device but as always, nothing in life comes for free – the more effective it is, it’s gonna cost you a bomb as well. 

There are pros and cons to each birth control method, the plus side is that every woman and man are free to choose whichever suits them best after weighing out their options. 


Birth Control in Singapore

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The safest and most effective way? Refrain yourself from doing the deed. 

But let’s be real, that’s near to impossible unless your hormones are close to non-existent.

In Singapore, the birth control methods used vary, depending on their lifestyle. From following the rhythm method where you’ll have sex whenever the woman isn’t ovulating to withdrawal methods (totally not safe, the least effective of them all!).  

With us Singaporeans living such a hectic lifestyle, it leads to us wanting the quickest and easiest option a.k.a condoms. You could get them literally anywhere, without any prescription. 

The downside? It’s not 100% effective compared to other types of birth control methods around 😞

Turn that frown upside down, you might want to find out about the other types of birth control methods so you’ll be free from producing an offspring you weren’t planning on getting.  


Types of Birth Control Methods in Singapore

Before choosing the birth control method that works for you and your beau, it’s best to know what are the pros and cons, and how exactly it helps to prevent pregnancy.

Though there are quite a few birth control methods in Singapore, we’re going to talk about the 6 most common types of birth control.  


1. Condoms 

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There are two types of condoms: male and female, with the former being the more popular option. These are basically latex sheaths that are placed over the penis and inserted into the vagina. You’ll find condoms that come in various textures, colours and flavours. 


Aside from preventing babies, using condoms also helps to prevent any form of STDs (sexually transmitted diseases), unlike some of the other birth control methods which don’t offer this benefit. 


When used incorrectly, which most people don’t, you can consider the condom to be useless because it could possibly come off during intercourse, or break as your partner does his thing.  


2. Intrauterine Device (IUD)

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The intrauterine device (IUD) is a small copper device that’s in the shape of a T. It goes all the way up to your uterus and can only be done by a professional, of course. 

There’s no hormones involved – the copper helps to change the womb’s lining to prevent implantation and stopping the sperm from reaching the egg. 


To date, IUD is under the upper tier of being extremely effective, going as high as 98%. You only need to do it once and wait for up to 5 years before having to change it – totally convenient. 

Plus, since it’s not hormonal, it doesn’t cause any hormonal side effects unlike other birth control that contains hormones. 


Women already hate getting periods, what more when there’s gonna be some irregular spotting when you insert an IUD into your vajajay? Unfortunately, it’ll happen, so it’s not advisable for those who are anaemic or tend to have heavier periods than normal. 

Don’t worry though, it does go away after your body adjusts to your new level of hormones. 


3. Birth control pills

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You’ll be popping pills every single day for up to 3 weeks. These pills work by controlling the female hormones (estrogen and progestin) that cause ovulation to occur. 

Basically, it stops you from ovulating by thickening the mucus in the cervix. This makes it harder for the sperm to swim across to reach the ovaries. It also thins the womb’s lining, preventing implantation from occuring. 


Close to 100% effective, about 98-99%. You won’t be getting any babies at all from this birth control method. 


Beware of the scary mood swings at the start. Aside from that, the major con is that you can’t miss a day as you have to strictly follow the planned schedule by your gynae. If that happens, you have to consult your gynae immediately. 

You’ll also have to take it everywhere you go since you’re required to maintain a strict schedule, meaning you’ll have to take it at the same time every single day. 


4. Emergency Contraception (Morning After Pill)

Source: verywellhealth.com

Similar to birth control pills, the morning-after pill is a birth control method where you’ll have to take this pill immediately after unprotected sex. 

However, it should not be considered as your regular form of birth control because it doesn’t stop you from getting pregnant if you’re already ovulating since it’s meant to be taken AFTER doing the deed.  

It’s meant to be used for emergencies only, hence the name. 


You could easily get it over the counter and work well most of the time, provided you’re not ovulating. 


It’s common to see random blood spots that may look similar to having your period, but it’s just some shedding of blood so don’t be too alarmed!   

While some women experience crazy side effects, it should be gone within the next few days. And of course, the main con would be it doesn’t work when you’re already ovulating. 


5. Contraceptive Implant

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A non-oral birth control method where you’ll have to insert a device into your arm to prevent ovulation from occurring. 

The device is small, somewhat similar to the size of a match stick and made out of silicone which releases the progesterone hormone that prevents ovulation. 

It will be inserted under your skin right next to your armpit, making it close to invisible to the naked eye. 


It could last for up to 3 years, so it’s not much of a hassle. 


Only a professional can do it for you, and since it’s an implant, there’s a risk of difficulty in getting it out of your arm, and you might experience arm soreness. 


6. Birth Control Injection

Source: myobclinic.com

Get an injection right up your butt or arm every 3 months. It helps to prevent ovulation from occurring, similar to birth control pills. 

The birth control injection works by thickening the cervical mucus which stops the release of eggs from the ovaries so the sperm does not come into contact with it. 


It’s almost 99% effective so you won’t have to worry about getting pregnant unexpectedly. 


You may experience some spotting or bleeding here and there. And if you happen to suddenly decide to have kids in the future, you might not be fully fertile until around 12 months later. 


Birth Control Singapore Price Range 

Now that you know about the types of birth control methods available in Singapore, you’ll need to consider the birth control Singapore price range: 

Birth Control Methods Estimated Price
Condoms Starting from SGD$3 and above
Intrauterine Device (IUD) SGD$400 to SGD$500 per device
Birth control pills SGD$25 to SGD$40 per box 
Emergency Contraception (Morning After Pill) SGD$40 to SGD$50 per pill
Contraceptive Implant SGD$400 to SGD$600 per implant
Birth Control Injection SGD$150 to SGD$200 per injection


So, which type of birth control method is for you? 

Weigh out the pros and cons while considering the birth control Singapore price range that you can actually afford. But if you’re in a sugar relationship, you definitely don’t have to worry about the price! 🤭 Your sugar daddy will take care of it all! Sign up today and get everything taken care of while you sit back and look pretty for your daddy 😜