Sugarbook Live’s first ever contest has come to an end and can we just say it was such a sugar rush!

Here’s a short video from our top winners sharing their thoughts and appreciation to the viewers who supported them throughout the contest.

The event was held from 9th to 24th August (4AM) 2021 where the Top Streamer will (literally) walk away with a pair of Christian Louboutins or a 20g Gold Bar worth USD1,250+!

The competition was especially intense between honeyb and Coco — both of them were on fire and we had no idea who would emerge victorious. 

We were also caught by surprise by Scha who entered the contest when it was just about to end and still made it to Top 3 of the contest. Well, not that surprising since she was able to hit 40k diamonds in just 2 days! 

Our live streamers were still pushing on at the very last minute but they wouldn’t have made it without the support and shower of gifts by our sugar daddies. Some of them even stayed up till 4AM with their favorite live streamers — such dedication! 😍

The sexy dancing by our live streamers was particularly enticing. But we must say that the best thing from Sugarbook Live was how it helped all the live streamers (aka sugar babies) to find their potential sugar daddies!

A big congratulations again to our Top 5 live streamers! We hope you enjoy the prizes as much as we enjoyed giving them to you. 

Here were the prizes for the contest:

1st Place (honeyb) – Christian Louboutins or 20g Gold Bar worth USD1,250+

2nd Place (Coco) – 5g Gold Bar worth USD350+

3rd Place (Scha) – USD125+

4th Place (Melody) – USD75

5th Place (❤Gia) – USD25 

Thanks to our live streamers and sugar daddies, the event was a great success and we can’t wait for our next event. 

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