“Thick thighs save lives”. If this phrase sounds familiar to you, then you probably have heard of the body positivity movement that has overtaken social media— where beauty standards were forever transformed. 

No longer were we looking towards Barbie doll Victoria Secret models for guidance, not when Instagram body positivity models were embracing every part of them that the fashion industry deemed unattractive. 

The body-positive movement has empowered plus-sized babes worldwide, letting them know that we’ve just got more of us to love and that’s more than fine! Besides, who doesn’t like a thicker girl anyway? We’ve got curves for days, people!

Being a plus-sized gal is tough in the world, but it’s even tougher when it comes to sugaring. Despite being an industry typically dominated by smaller body types, it does not mean that there’s no room for diversity. In fact, we welcome it!

If you’re a thiccorita who is looking to use your sweet curves to earn some moolah, look no further! Here are 6 tips on how to be a plus-sized sugar baby. 

1. Be Authentically You

Easier said than done, the need to put on a desirable act always arises in the presence of strangers. After all, we do rely on their approval to a certain extent. While this extends towards first dates and impressions, it wouldn’t be wise to start your sugaring career on white lies and non-truths. 

Contrary to popular belief, personality is what makes a person attractive. While looks can be indeed helpful, when it comes to building a relationship such as sugaring— it takes a lot more than that. 

Sugar daddies and mommies alike recognise this, which is why you should always portray who you really are from the get-go. Why water down your personality when it can make you shine more? 

2. Know Your Boundaries

The misconception of being a plus-sized sugar baby is that you can’t say no. If everyone else is allowed to have standards, why can’t you? Know your worth before agreeing to any sugar deal! 

If the sugar daddy who contacted you just isn’t your type, you’re more than allowed to let them know that. The whole point of sugaring is to have fun! And if it’s starting to feel more like a job… you’re in the wrong line of work, honey!

3. Lean In, Take Charge

Own it and be your own girl boss! Yet another misconception about being a plus-sized sugar baby is that you should stay mum and wait for arrangement offers to be proposed to you. After all, one should be grateful that they even secured a deal… right?

Uh, wrong! 

When you manage to secure a daddy who is interested in you, take charge and lay down your own rules. Sugar babies who are prepared with what arrangements they have in mind are easier to work with, especially since it leaves no room for miscommunications.

In fact, we’d strongly advise you to enter conversations about arrangements after you’ve thoroughly decided on what you are comfortable with. Always remember: YOU are in charge here! 

4. Show A Little Skin

So now that you’ve agreed on an arrangement with your daddy, it’s time to meet him for the first time. You find yourself thumbing a deep, plunging neckline of a red dress… but something tells you that a t-shirt and jeans might be better. 

We’re here to tell you: don’t listen to it!

Your daddy is perfectly aware of what your body looks like, and even if he isn’t, a sweater isn’t going to do much of a job at hiding it. Embrace your body— and we mean all of it. Curves, hips, thighs; flaunt them, baby!

Who’s gonna complain about seeing a little (or a lot) of the thigh, anyway? Think of it as a preview of what’s to come for your daddy. After all, the appetiser is supposed to make you anticipate what’s the main dish…

5. Chow Down 

Most sugar babies either skip meals or avoid discussing food at all cost when meeting up with a sugar daddy in fear of appearing unattractive. Not only is this ridiculous advice but it’s simply not true. 

Some of the best conversations are had over meals, so how else are you going to get to know your daddy? Plus, he’s going to want to have someone gorgeous to wine and dine— who’s gonna say no to that?! 

6. Don’t Get Discouraged

The most important— and admittedly, hardest—- part of being a plus-sized sugar baby is dealing with rejection. You will get told that you’re just ‘not what they’re looking for’ or rude daddies who flat out insult you. 

Unfortunately, it is some of the adversities that you will face on this path. The bright side though, is that by weeding out these pesky daddies is how you eventually get to the gold. 

So chin up, sugar baby! We’ve still got plenty of teeth to rot with all that sugar you’ve got. 

And with that, you should be ready to take your first dip into the sugar pool! Don’t forget about us when you nail your big fish— we only ask for thanks in the form of logging into your Sugarbook account when you get tips and tricks from us. 

‘Till the next time, candy folks!