As you might understand by now, Sugarbook is not your typical dating platform – you’re probably here to get a Sugar Daddy or Sugar Baby as soon as possible.

Our Sugar Daddies, Sugar Mommies and Sugar Babies are not looking to waste time swiping left and right, waiting for the app to tell match them to a potential partner.

Things are more straightforward here, and the goal of every user is to seek and secure an honest & beneficial relationship. Let us give you 7 tips on how you can find the ideal Sugar Daddy or Sugar Baby in under 30 minutes.

#1 – Complete Your Profile

To get a Sugar Daddy or Sugar Baby quickly, the first step is to have a complete profile. The most important is your profile picture. Sugarbook has guidelines on what type of photos can be uploaded, and we take the quality of profile pictures very seriously. In short, upload:

  • Pictures that feature you alone, and not group photos. Pictures with pets are ok if you are with the pet. No pictures of minors allowed for any reason.
  • Pictures that show your travels, hobbies, events, and lifestyle.
  • Pictures that are clear, high-quality and do not use excessive filters, effects, or borders.

Use the “About Me” and “Looking For” sections to clearly describe yourself and what you want. If you have nothing to say in the “About Me” sections, then why would anyone want to know more by messaging you?

Talk about your likes, dislikes, favorite food, hobbies, movies, or anything else that gives a potential match an insight into who you are as a person. It’s always better to be clear and honest about what you want. “About Me” example:

I am a Chinese businessman who travels a lot, usually to Hong Kong and Indonesia. I love to eat spicy food and binge on horror movies on Netflix when I have the time. Love cycling outdoors on weekends.

“Looking For” example:

I am looking for girls below 30 years old for companionship and travelling. Someone who is laid back and a good listener. I’m not into smokers or messy people.

Fill up all the extra fields like weights, age, hair color, lifestyle expectation and income level. Your potential partners may be searching for something more specific using Sugarbook’s search function.

#2 – Understand What They Want

One thing we take pride in is the honesty of our members and the fact that they are here strictly to get a Sugar Daddy. Unlike a typical dating app, our members are very straightforward about what they want and what they expect from you. We call this a “honest & beneficial relationship” or “Sugar Dating”.

#3 – Upgrade to Premium (Optional)

Although Sugarbook is a free-to-play community, it’s much easier to get a Sugar Daddy or Sugar baby by upgrading to Premium. As a Premium Sugar Daddy you unlock these extra features:

  • Instantly Approved Profiles – Skip the queue for all profile approvals, and start chatting with others even while your profile is being moderated.
  • Unlimited Messages – Chat freely and keep conversations going for as long as you want. Get an unfair advantage over free members and increase your chances of matching with your ideal Sugar Baby.
  • More Privacy Options – Hide your Online status even while you’re actively using Sugarbook.
  • Read Receipts – See a blue tick in chat when someone reads your messages.
  • Higher Prestige – Convince your potential Sugar Baby how serious you are with a Premium badge next to your profile picture.
  • Get Featured – Increase profile views and get your profile Featured on Sugarbook, which can instantly turn you into the object of every Sugar Baby’s desire.

#4 – Check for Online Status

When you’re browsing, make sure you check for the little green dot on the user’s profile. This indicates the user is currently online and will be replying much faster. If you send a message to users who are not displaying the green dot, expect slower replies.

Premium users will see two blue checkmarks in the message window when their message is read. This alone is a great reason to upgrade to Premium. You may also see a blue tick mark on the profile, which indicates a Verified User. Verified users have submitted their personal documents to Sugarbook, to verify who they are. A verified user is the most genuine, high-quality user you can chat with on Sugarbook.   You may also want to check out the “Recently Active” tab to find more people who are online at the same time as you are.

#5 – Make Power Introductions

Just saying “Hi..” is a waste of time for Sugarbook. Our members prefer messages that are straight to the point. Take some time to craft your introduction message. Explain a bit about you, what you are looking for, and what you find attractive about the potential partner. Here’s an example:

“Hello [name], I’m Ben. I’m an architect working in KL. I’m looking for someone to keep me company on short business trips overseas. Your profile states that you’re a good listener, and I love having someone to talk to. I’m open to offer a weekly allowance of [desired amount], with/without intimacy to start.. Shall we meet up for a drink, and see if we have any chemistry?”

Here’s another:

“Hello [name], I’m Jessica. I’m a hospitality student working as a part time model in Singapore. Looks like we both like horror films! I’m looking for a Daddy that can help me pay for my student bills and hopefully also pamper me with lovely stuff. Maybe we can have a quick coffee, talk about scary movies, and see where this goes?”

Make sure you mention the person’s name and something about their profile in your message. You don’t want it to sound like a generic (SPAM) message. Find something you both have in common. These “Power Introductions” work really well.

One message is all you need to get the attention of your partner and get a date. Beating around the bush or being indirect, is not a good formula for Sugarbook. However, always be respectful and be patient for a reply.

If you prefer to not use power intros, or for additional ideas on what to say, you can see this guide on starting meaningful conversations. 

#6 – Arrange a Meet

Sugarbook’s tagline is “Chat, Negotiate, Meet”. However, you can meet up first to check for compatibility before confirming an arrangement. Invite the potential partner to a meet-up and get to know each other in person, but only after you have made a connection in chat.

Blasting out your contact number in random chats or putting numbers in your profile is not allowed in Sugarbook.

If you decide to meet, take a look at our Sugar Dating safety tips to keep yourself protected at all times. Meet in public spaces and do not make any payment before your date.

#7 – Confirm The Arrangement

This may seem like a regular date, but remember you’re meeting to talk about what you want from each other, how much time you can devote to your relationship, and all the financial stuff.

In Sugarbook, we call this the Terms of Your Relationship.

It is no different than trying to negotiate a higher salary or more off days in a job interview. Keep it professional, and you should be able to come to an agreement. You can then proceed to wherever and do whatever (I’m being vague for a reason) you want.

You are both consenting adults that understand each other’s needs and wants. Just honor your arrangement, or mutually agree to change it f required. Sugarbook works the best when you know what you want, how to get it, and what to expect.

We hope this guide was useful in helping you get a Sugar Daddy or Sugar Baby the right way.