Sugarbook is a social networking platform built for the elite. Unlike other dating websites, we value privacy, and we strive to provide a community for honest relationships.

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What They Say

The Sugar Daddy & Sugar Baby Dating: Fastest Growing Network for daddies and babies.

Met a few amazing men on this site. Love the interface and discretion as well. Would definitely recommend to my fellow sugar sisters!

@allysonella87, Sugar Baby
The Sugar Daddy & Sugar Baby Dating: Fastest Growing Network for daddies and babies.

I had doubts if this site was real. I even tried messaging the users here to see if they responded. Ended up on a decent date 2 weeks later.

@matteocechinni82, Sugar Daddy
The Sugar Daddy & Sugar Baby Dating: Fastest Growing Network for daddies and babies.

Well a few of my girls were talking about this in campus so I decided to give it a go. It turned out to be quite interesting but theres a few things you need to fix. Eg. Most of us are studying but we don’t have a uni email. Do we still qualify for the premium? Do let me know and yes this is my testimonial ;)

Why Sugarbook?


Successful relationships, not only sugar relationships, require communication that is honest and transparent from both sides. Here, we stress on the importance of communication to keep relationships free of unnecessary spectacles.


We are the only sugar daddy dating platform that provides members the option to verify their profiles. When members have a Verified Profile blue tick, this is a clear message to other members that there’s no falsifications.


There’s no denying that we hold our members’ privacy of the utmost importance. Members’ information is kept strictly confidential, and members have full control of who sees their private photos.


Founded in 2017, we are rated as not only Singapore’s leading sugar dating platform, but also Southeast Asia’s. Read about our Singaporean members’ experiences here.


We believe that every successful man deserves a sugar baby. Be kept on your toes when you converse with the impressive array of sugar babies online in an honest and transparent manner.

With a stable financial resource, the world is endless not just for a sugar daddy, but also for his sugar baby. Luxurious vacations and elegant gifts are a great way to unwind and indulge.

Proving to be a respectful and attentive sugar daddy is key in a sugar relationship. Mutual respect and consideration in sugar relationships help keep arrangements healthy and virtuous.


We believe that every sugar baby, no matter her background, deserves to find her ideal sugar daddy. Be kept on your toes when you converse with the impressive array of sugar daddies online in an honest and transparent manner.

Clothed in a manner that best displays her class and physique, a sugar baby is a goal-oriented woman who is straightforward about her needs and desires in a honest relationship.

Not only is she sophisticated, she is mature in her wants and needs and prides herself in her appearance when attending her sugar daddy’s glamorous events in not only Singapore, but around the world.

Sugar dating has never been so easy

At Sugarbook, we strive to provide you with only the best sugar dating experience. Our members’ satisfaction and discretion remain our top priority.

Founded in 2017, we are Asia’s largest sugar daddy dating platform. Now with over 3 million members worldwide, Singapore is one of our largest membership bases. Experience honest relationships with just the tap.

Get started by choosing your role. Add a photo and write about yourself to show other members why you’d be the ideal sugar partner.

Student Program

Student Program

We understand the situations students face, between juggling academics and jobs to afford for school fees. With increasing fees and standard of living in Singapore, students find it harder to make ends meet. We believe that that shouldn’t be the way. Our exclusive Student Program is designed to help you avoid student loan debt in a modern style.

Exclusive Student Program Benefits Include


Enjoy the full luxuries of sugar dating when you sign up with your student email address (.edu).


Focus and aim for the skies on your educational journey when you hand over the financial reins to our sugar daddies.


Obtain unparalleled opportunities from our sugar daddies, many of whom have years of experience under their belt.


Getting in the circle can be hard. Let our sugar daddies introduce you to the people worth knowing.