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All Coins spent in 1-ON-1 and Private Room calls are counted for this event

Tip: Remember to top up your Coins. Spend them on Gifts, Tips, and request special actions to emerge as Top Gifter!

Event Prizes

Top Gifters

Be the #1 Gifter when you spend the highest number of Coins!

  1. Gifters in 1-ON-1 and Private Room are eligible to participate
  2. Gifters must spend:
    1. Minimum of 100k Coins to be eligible for the Top 3 rank
    2. Minimum of 50k Coins to be eligible for the Top 4 - 20 rank
  3. In addition to winning a prize, the Top 3 Gifters will get a Special Badge on their profile
  4. By participating in the contest, Gifters consented to work with Sugarbook for any form of marketing content

Note: All Coins spent in 1-ON-1 and Private Room will increase your ranking in the Event Leaderboard

Top 20 Gifters Prizes

At the end of the contest, the Top Gifters on the Event Leaderboard will win Event Prizes + Coin Bonuses + Special Badges:

1st Place Blind Sugar Date at Horizon Grill @ Banyan Tree Kuala Lumpur + 10,000 coins +
2nd Place 8,000 coins +
3rd Place 6,000 coins +
4th-5th Place 4,000 coins
6th-15th Place 2,000 coins
16th-20th Place 1,000 coins

Gifter Assessment ends {{ overallEndDate }} (GMT+8)

Reach out to us on Telegram at @SBPRTEAM or @feerafromsugarbook.

Alternatively, you can email us at [email protected].

How it Works

  • All Sugarbook registered Male members (all countries) are eligible to take part in this contest.
  • All Coins spent during the contest period will be counted in the Event Leaderboard.
  • Coins will be counted from {{ overallStartDate }} (GMT+8).
  • Gifters must spend a minimum of 100k Coins (USD500) to be eligible for the Top 3 rank, and minimum of 50k Coins (USD250) to be eligible for the Top 4 - 20 rank.
  • Event Leaderboard will be automatically updated every day..


  • This event is only open to Sugarbook registered Male members (all countries).
  • If two or more Gifters have the same Event Coins score, the Gifter with the earliest completion time will progress forward.
  • Admin will be in touch with the winner within 3 to 5 days after the Event ends. Should there be no response, the prizes will be forfeited to the next Gifter on the Event Leaderboard.
  • Winners to inform the Sugarbook team of dinner availability for us to make the bookings.
  • Sugarbook does not allow any illegal transactions of transfers of the Event Prizes. Should such an incident occurs, Sugarbook has the right to disqualify winners and reserves the right to pursue legal action.
  • This event is solely hosted and sponsored by Sugarbook. Sugarbook holds the authority of the final say and reserves the right to adjust or revise the rules of the event at any given time.