Uninstall the current/old Sugarbook app
from your device.


Uninstall the current/old Sugarbook app
from your device.


Tap the button below to install the Official Sugarbook Live app.


Tap SETTINGS when prompted with the above pop-up.


Tap SETTINGS when prompted with the above pop-up.


Make sure you have enabled access.


The Official Sugarbook Live app has now been added to your home screen!

Start enjoying the app.

For further assistance,
please contact:

[email protected]
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Introducing Sugarbook Live - a dating app that has been increasingly popular amongst adults. Sugarbook started as a niche dating platform, connecting like-minded, consenting adults to form honest relationships. Today, Sugarbook boasts over 3 million members worldwide and remains Asia’s largest sugar dating platform.

What Exactly Is Sugar Dating?

In the simplest definition, it’s a relationship between Sugar Baby - an aspiring young woman who strives to pursue financial perks from Sugar Daddy in exchange for their company. The relationship is nothing new; it’s just getting more transparent - thanks to the Sugarbook app.

Where Can I Find It?

Currently, Sugarbook is app-focused and is available for iOS and Android users. Although, you can sign up via the web on the desktop.

Your dating journey starts with downloading the app and signing up from your email or Facebook account. You will then choose your gender and whether you’re looking for Sugar Babies or Sugar Daddies. Next, fill in all your basic info to start browsing and sending messages to your potential dates.

Subscribe to Premium to access features such as unlimited messages, advanced search features, see who viewed your profile and who has a crush on you.

Get Wild With Android APK Download

One of the most requested Sugarbook features is live-streaming, which connects Sugarbook members worldwide with a talented community of streamers. The part provides unique content, live video chat, and high-quality streams that bring the sugar dating experience to a new level.

The Sugarbook app's pivoting to live streaming offers new benefits, sexy content, and vices, which sees the app moving away from Google Play Store.

Even so, Android users can still install via Sugarbook Android APK download, enabling Sugar Daddies to enjoy wild & sexy content as always, smoking, alcohol, and other vices. At the same time, Sugar Babies get to monetize from the Sugar Daddies.

How Does It Work?

Regardless of people’s perceptions, the Sugarbook brand has been increasingly popular amongst young and older adults. And this is reflected through positive reviews from users and dating sites in terms of the app's features.

Mainly catered for Sugar Babies and Sugar Daddies demographics, the Sugarbook Android app allows you to search for your Sugar dates on your terms and gives them opportunities to earn money alongside meeting new romance.

You don’t have to be tech-savvy to have a grasp of the how-tos in this Android app. But, all-in-all, it stays true to Sugarbook’s view of building and negotiating your terms of relationships.