The Ultimate Sugar Baby Christmas Gift Guide

The Ultimate Sugar Baby Gift Guide

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It’s the time of the year again where the holiday season is upon us.

As the countdown to 25th December gets underway, we at TheSugarBook have put together the ultimate Christmas gift guide so you’ll be able to pamper and lavish your Sugar Baby (although you should be spoiling your Sugar Baby all year long).


Whether you’ve been with your Sugar Baby for a while now, or negotiating your Terms of Relationship with a new Sugar Baby, here are a few ideas:



Instead of just handing over your supplementary credit card, why not surprise your Sugar Baby with something a bit more thoughtful like luxury lingerie? Every Sugar Baby would appreciate a new addition to their collection especially a gorgeous lace ensemble which would accentuate her curves and highlight her assets.

This gift would also double up as a present to yourself, if you know what I mean.


iPhone8 or iPhoneX:


With 2 of these iconic iPhones released within weeks of each other, either one of them would make an awesome gift. Even if she isn’t a tech fanatic, or if her cellphone is still functioning, the latest iPhone8 or the iPhoneX would definitely make your Sugar Baby ecstatic.

She’ll be proud to flaunt her Christmas gift with her Sugar Sisters and that’ll put you in a pretty good light.



Whether it’s a pair of diamond earrings from Cartier or a necklace from Tiffany’s, jewelry is a no-fail gift for any girl, especially for your Sugar Baby. Anything sparkly or bling bling will make a girl’s heart flutter and a happy Sugar Baby, is a Sugar Baby more willing to please her Sugar Daddy.

Any Sugar Baby would swoon at the sight of something sparkly and elegant.


Luxury Watch:

If you’re undecided on what jewelry she’d like, a high-end luxury watch would be fitting as well. Any beautiful or extravagant accessory to add to her accoutrement collection.

A fancy watch on your sexy Sugar Baby will be the ultimate status symbol and make you shine at every event or outing.


An Exotic Getaway:


Some Sugar Babies have day-jobs and having a generous Sugar Daddy willing to splurge on a vacation to Bora Bora or to Santorini would be the ultimate Christmas gift.

Make it an all-inclusive package and if you are unable to go with her, let her bring her bestie. It’ll put you in the good light amongst her Sugar Sisters.


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