Gold Digger Habits

Gold diggers, they’re everywhere but it takes a few skills of body language and experience to understand what makes a true Gold Digger.

When you go to a bar and you talk to a woman, there is a chance that she might just be another Gold Digger. Here’s some tips on whether or not she’s a Gold Digger:

Hinting about Financial issues

This is an easy spot. She will say things about her uncertain future related to her current debt. She’ll say things “Oh, you know I just graduated from college but I’m not so sure about finding a job that can help pay my student loans”.

She could even go more subtle and say things like “Oh, my job’s a typical PR job but I live with like my sisters”. It’s not that difficult to spot someone in trouble, or a damsel in distress during such situations.

Buys Everything Exotic

When you’re out with her on the first night, she’d go with the most expensive items in the planet. She’d buy nothing but Christian Louboutin heels and Chanel bags. She would be strolling around the most expensive shopping districts in the city. Walking in every luxury item shop, asking you to buy everything – Sure sign, Run

Nothing below 5 Stars

Extremely picky about hotels. Gold Diggers will not stay in hotels below the 5 Star rating nor would they want to stay in an AirBNB (except if it’s an European castle or a mansion). They want to be treated like queens especially during travels.

Despise flying coach

Speaking of travels, they always go for First or Business Class. Never Coach or Economy and no Budget Airlines. First Class is a top priority.  Gold Diggers do not want to be seen with the regular people in fear of tarnishing their social media profiles when they do selfies. They are picky about seats and not only do they want to be queens of the house, but also be queens of the sky.

Disgusted by Public Transportation

If there’s one thing a gold digger share with an automobile TV show host would be a tendency to praise Ferraris and above. They worship supercars and if you have ever encountered a girl telling you this – “All my life, I’ve only been on Mercedes, BMWs and above. I’ve never taken a cab and never have I got on a bus nor a train” – Another sure sign. Run.

Talk about class

Gold Diggers also have the pickiest taste in alcohol. You might enjoy a good pint of beer in an Irish pub, but she prefers drinking Champagne because it looks more “luxurious” than a good pint. Gold Diggers usually eat champagne, drink champagne, talk champagne, live champagne and they also seem to bath themselves in champagne. Well, If you’re into Wine then you need to find something like a Bordeaux or the 1992 Château Lafite.

Good luck!