While monogamy is still the dominant cultural form, it is not for everyone and polygamy isn’t going to ruin the world! For some Sugar Daddies, having a few Sugar Babies at one time is the epitome of Sugar Success. This doesn’t make you a womanizer or a bad man. You can have multiple arrangements concurrently and still be a gentleman. However, this choice doesn’t come without responsibilities. Its best you learn how to manage your Sugar Babies before you lose any of them!


Be Crystal Clear and Confident

One way to keep everyone happy is honestly. Be honest about yourself and be honest to the women you’re going to date about what you want. Do not ever hide that you are seeing other women. If you’re not going to date her exclusively, be completely clear about your intentions. She needs to know that you are not into a monogamous relationship. Let her know how the arrangement is going to be like and how much time you’re going to spend with her. Being open and honest will save you from drama down the road.


Keep A Planner

If you want to have multiple Sugar Babies, you need to be an expert in time management. Don’t wind up in that troubled situation where you promised to meet more than one Sugar Baby on the same day. A good rule of thumb is to always have a mental calendar and meticulously keep those dates separated. Take out your spreadsheet and plan your schedule so that you can give each woman a little bit of your time.


Forgive Her Trespasses

Women are still women. As time goes on, it is fairly common that feelings of jealousy and insecurity will start to. You need to assess if she is emotionally handling the ‘openness’ well. You have to acknowledge her feelings and deal with the fact that she’s feeling a certain way. Do your best to comfort her and make her feel special.


Be A Gentleman

Dating a few women at once doesn’t make you a douchebag, but mistreating them absolutely does. Having options isn’t an excuse to be a jerk and these women do not owe you anything. Any man can have a few girlfriends but it takes a real man to treat a woman right. Give her the attention that she wants, pamper her as much as you can, be saccharine sweet. If you put in just a little effort into learning how to treat her right, she will like you way too much to call things off, even if she wants exclusivity.