As a sugar baby, we’ve been told to avoid falling in love with our sugar daddies.

“Don’t do it, babe, it’s not worth the heartbreak,” my best friend Liza* admonished me when I was regaling juicy tales of my sugar adventures. Of course, I was gushing when I talked about Richard*. How could I not? He was tall, handsome with glowing cafe au lait skin that shone with exuberance each time I saw him. He was super attentive, never once forgot to send me gifts when we couldn’t meet, and when we could? Oh. My. God. The sex is glorious. The things he could AND would do with his mouth would make a nun shed her habit in an instance.

But there was one thing that was bothering me, and that was the fact even though we had been together for two years, we had never spent Valentine’s Day together. As a rule, Richard rarely revealed his personal life to me. He was very guarded, so I didn’t know if he was married, or where he lived, or if Richard was even his real name!

I was upset when each Valentine’s Day rolled by, I would be the only one alone and without a partner. My friends, even Liza, had boyfriends to pamper them on this very special day. Sure, my bed was always piled high with luxurious gifts (my favourite was a platinum Bulgari necklace with my initials hanging from the pendant), and my bank account was always refilled to the brim for me to spend on whatever my little heart fancied.

But back to the story. I was upset, and I let Richard know how irky I was. He knew, that bastard. He had refused to spend V-Day with me in the past two years and it was going to be no different this year.

“June, I simply cannot do that,” he tried explaining patiently. I gotta give it to him: Richard was simply the most patient person I’d ever met. He sat on the bed in our luxurious Grand Hyatt hotel room where I was currently sulking and petulant. “You know I have business to attend to, and if I could avoid it, I would. You mean the world to me,” he said, touching my cheek gently with his hands. Oh God, those warm, heat-radiating hands…!

My tears started rolling down. “But you won’t tell me what’s so important that you can’t and don’t want to spend Valentine’s Day with me. It’s just one day!”

Richard sighed. “I can’t, baby. I would love to, but…”

“Then don’t!” I had resigned to my fate. “I don’t believe you, and I think I am just one of your many mistresses.”

Richard looked sad. I think he really cared for me, but I was being a bitch and pushing him to the edge.

He finally sighed and said, “Okay, June. If you want to spend Valentine’s Day together, then I have a surprise for you. Meet me at the Oriental Suite in Mandarin Oriental tomorrow, at 8pm.”

My heart soared. That was before he added, “I am bringing a guest. Wear your best lingerie. That red laced Victoria’s Secret piece I bought from London would be divine,” he smiled. I was left sitting on the bed thinking WTF did I get myself into. Who is he bringing? And what are we going to do?

All that didn’t matter. What’s important is that I had 24 hours to get ready for our big date, guest or no guest. I spend the next day prettying up myself: manicure, pedicure, Brazilian wax, you name it, I paid for it (or rather, my sugar daddy did). I was in such a good mood that I bought dozens of dresses, all paid for and sent right up to my suite. I bought new makeup but decided on a simple, no-makeup look for our date tonight.

Fast forward to 8 pm. By 7.30 in the evening, I was already in bed. I was nervous but excited. You know that feeling before you’re about to go on stage for an award? You’re thrilled but also scared that you might trip and make a fool of yourself? That was me.

I heard footsteps. Two sets. Richard never went back on his words. He definitely brought a guest, but who?

The door clicked and opened wide. Richard, resplendent in his Armani suit, stepped in. A beautiful woman followed suit. A lovely brunette, she too was tall and elegant in a burgundy dress and pearls around her neck.

He closed the door behind him, and both stepped into the light. “June,” Richard began. “Meet my wife, Susan*.”

I gasped. I must have because it showed. Susan cringed a little, I think she felt bad for me. I mean, Richard being married wasn’t surprising, but damn, I wasn’t prepared to find out how gorgeous his wife was!

“I… you never told me you were married, Richard,” was all I could manage.

“That wasn’t for you to find out, until today. You see, Susan and I have been married for ten years. She was my high school sweetheart. And…,” he hesitated. “Today is our 10th wedding anniversary.”

It all dawned upon me now. Why he was so mysterious, and why he always disappeared on Valentine’s Day.

“But why do you need me? She’s stunning!” I threw a look at Susan that was laced with 100% pure admiration. I want to hate that woman, but I couldn’t. She was practically a goddess. Her olive skin against her dark hair made a splendid contrast while her piercing eyes were both kind and knowing.

“June,” Susan spoke up. Fuck, even her voice sounded like tinkling bells on a balmy day by the sea. “I know who you are. And I know what Richard has been doing. I’m sorry if you weren’t aware before, but we are very much in love. And we have a proposal for you.”

She turned to look at Richard. He smiled and held her hand. “June, we haven’t been able to be blessed with children even after 10 years. For our wedding anniversary, Susan has asked for a child.”

I laughed. “But what does that have to do with… oh.” It dawned on me, again. Fuck, I’ve had too many revelations for a night.

“What… are you saying?”

June stepped ahead and sat right next to me in bed. “June, would you like to be our surrogate mother?”

I was stunned. But this wasn’t the worst deal I had in all my 25 years of being alive. They explained that I could decide to be a part of the child’s life if I want, or decline, whatever suits me. And I would get the lifestyle I have enjoyed and always wanted, plus a very generous monthly allowance (probably three times the amount Richard gave, and that’s saying a lot).

June placed her hand over mine. “You can take your time and think about it, dear. I know how Richard feels about you, and I know you love being with him. This would change your life forever.”

She was right. It did. It didn’t take me long to decide. That night was the first night I let Richard fuck me without a condom. He was wild, relentless, yet gentle and purposeful in his intention to please me. To my delight, Susan joined us, and she was just as… skilful as her husband was. She taught me things I never knew I could do with my body and made me feel things I never knew could be felt. I had immense respect for her, and I had to agree that Richard was damn lucky to have married her.

This was last year. I got pregnant immediately after, and Richard and Susan were so delighted they cried tears of joy in front of me. I joined in eventually (I’m a sugar baby, not some heartless bitch), because, hormones.

We’re naming the baby Valentine.