The Art of Negotiation: For Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babies

In every matter of life, we need to master the art of negotiation; from discussion in a business meeting to Terms of a Sugar Arrangement or Sugar Relationship. Even before the invention of currency, the barter system is a form of negotiation.


“Good sir, may I exchange your goat for 2 of my furry rabbits.”

“Your rabbits serve as 2 meals for my family but my goat can provide milk which can be made into cheese. So why should I?”

“You are completely right. However, my 2 rabbits can also procreate as I have 1 male and 1 female and as bunnies do, they can multiply with significant speed and you’ll be having enough rabbits to start a small farm. Their furs will also make lovely winter warmers for your harem of women.”


You get the point.


I digress.


In negotiating the Terms of a Sugar Arrangement or Sugar Relationship, both parties must approach the platform with an open mind and honest attitude. We have provided sections in the profile page where you can clearly state who you are (in About Me) and what exactly are you seeking (in What I’m Looking For).

Read that first before you enter into a chat with potential Sugar Partner. After you have said your pleasantries (remember politeness goes a long way), either party can initiate the discussion.

Firstly, you need to be very comfortable with yourselves and be clear and direct. If you are after sex, then inform your chat partner. If you are not keen on sex right off the bat but could consider the notion, maybe after meeting to see whether there’s any chemistry, then say so. All egos have to be tucked away and try to keep the discussion results-oriented. Be considerate and flexible.

Always show respect and understanding to the other party. We are in no rush here. It is better to find a Sugar Baby or Sugar Daddy who can agree to the stipulations you provided rather than get into any heated altercations purely because one is impatient and looking for short-term gratification.


Extra advice:


For Sugar Babies: While it is great to know your worth, you also need to be able to put out an offer/s that is of value to the Sugar Daddy you are dealing with. And it harms no one if you are as sweet as apple pie during the negotiations. A woman should be able to use her womanly wiles to get what she wants if and when she sees fit. No one will judge you for that.
For Sugar Daddies: Being curt and upfront saves everyone time and we are all for that however, try not to be pushy and contemptuous. Every woman likes to be flirted with, seduced by and wooed with sweet words and generous offer/s or gifts. If you would like a Sugar Baby to agree to your point of view, then perhaps a show of sincerity in the monetary sense would prove your intention. The best surprises do come in small boxes.

Most importantly, keep the conversation going online before providing private contact information. Until there reaches an agreed Terms of Sugar Arrangement or Sugar Relationship, maintain the e-dialogue. That keeps you a safe distance till you both get to know each other better.


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    I find a transfer of $1,000 as deposit works quite well.

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    I had an SB and we agreed up front to a 2k monthly allowance with weekly meetings. I gave extra gifts, vacations and shopping allowance.. We moved it to 3k with same the extra bonus. Meaning we dated and had intimacy with no others.

    I realised that I was the only one that was holding to exclusive, while she had other multiple SGs. She wanted to move our “exclusive” to 4K and I was considering it while asking what she meant by “exclusive” since she was unaware I knew she was not exclusive with me. Evasive responses lead to my asking about a couple of the men she had seen. After some drama we resumed after we negotiated a figure of 4k to “buy her out of her side business”. Same non exclusive began and more drama. I was told that I could not afford to buy her out as she makes so much with a steady and all the extras on the side. I was emotionally involved and now heart broken. Advice please?

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    I actually work hard to pay my bills. I CAN afford myself, I just want something extra for me to spend.. Is $2000 a huge amount for a 5 figure man to pay for a girl he goes out with?

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      well if he’s making money and he’s not generous… drop him.

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      Olivia Sloan


      You don’t know how many other SB’s he’s seeing or what other bills or commitments he has in his life so it’s hard to say, but ultimately, if that’s what you want, don’t settle for less.

      And to answer your question more specifically, if he’s only making 5 figures, 2k is usually going to be a pretty big strain so even if he is willing/able to do it, you’ll probably end up investing a lotttt of time into that relationship that you might be better off spending elsewhere (other SD’s who can afford you without feeling like they’re stretching their wallet).

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    what a great read. thanks everyone for sharing their thoughts. New to this being a SD thing so still learning but to be able to achieve happiness with a little $$ is just so liberating

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    Negotiating an allowance is literally THE most annoying part of this…

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    Can someone explain to me why guys can’t figure out to just make a very generous offer that makes their potential sugar feel valuable and appreciated and significantly upgrades her life whilst saying SPECIFICALLY what they are looking for a for how often? I’m sorry but it seems to me that these MEN are BUSINESSMEN. THIS IS essentially BUSINESS and PLEASURE mixed together so what is the major problem here? In MY opinion THE MAJOR ISSUE is that the MEN REFUSE to take to lead and just be fair and generous but instead want to try to put US on the spot. ITS HONESTLY UNCOMFORTABLE BECAUSE OF THAT! If you guys would just be men and take the lead and be fair about things I”M SURE MOST WOMEN WOULD BE HAPPY to go along with it but you have to actually ask the girl what she needs in life. ASK her what her bills are. THEN come up with a generous offer that is AT LEST double what the girls off of bP are getting for 1 hr for #$%^& sake.

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    To be COMpletely honest I think sugarbanbies SHOULD ask for more for the very first time bc what if the guy SUCKS in bed? Then you just went and hooked up with a guy for way less than you should have for awful sex and you’re never ever going to want to put yourself through that again. These guys really don’t consider us very much at all they are really very selfish and penny pinching and degrading with their unwillingness to treat us as women who need something reliable and are not trying to be common prostitutes but would like an actual RELIABLE REGULAR DISCREET ARRANGEMENT THAT WILL MAKE US FEEL SPECIAL. grrr. YOU don’t want to feel like you’re with a common whore off of BP right? ok then. Maybe don’t TREAT US THAT WAY

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