The Sugarbook team would like to thank each and every one of our members for the overwhelming support we have received since day one. We would not have achieved this milestone if it wasn’t for you guys!

We are dedicated in exploring new ways to improve our services because one of our main priorities here at Sugarbook is to provide the best user experience for our valued members. And as a result, we are excited to introduce a new sister site we recently launched –, which is specially dedicated to our sugar babies. Sugarficial is the Ultimate Sugar Baby Blog created by sugar babies for sugar babies, where they have the opportunity to not only find helpful advices and tips but also learn from some of our experienced sugar babies all over the world. Let’s see what some of our users have to say:

Sophie became a member of Sugarbook five months ago in order to offer her companionship in exchange for money. For Sophie, the decision to become a sugar baby was not about finding romance, but strictly for business purposes.

”I’m a full time sugar baby and I usually earn around $7,000 per month give or take. I just moved into the city and I spend my Sundays shopping. I enjoy my life. I buy what I want when I want it. But I have to give it to you. My girls and I were talking about sugar daddies and where to find them. Now we have a place full of sugar daddies (good and bad). Thank you and keep up the good work.” – Sophie


Robert looks for sugar babies that he can connect with and share the same passion as he does.

”Last Thursday I had 30+ inbox messages from sugar babies wanting to connect. I’m real. I’m also not terribly handsome. Put effort into developing an excellent and honest profile and you’ll be rewarded. Prove to the ladies that you live an amazing life and they’ll want a part of it.” – Robert4271


Sugar Daddy Tom summed it up wisely:

”TSB has literally transformed my life because I use it to affirm and push my own success to move it forward. I’ve also used it to transform the lives of some amazing young women because that’s something I enjoy doing. In a nutshell, whatever effort you put into relationships, you’ll get back exactly that.” – tom69Braxton